35th Anniversary

Photos courtesy of Adam in Homer, MI.

(Most daylight photos courtesy of me.)

Well here's one that I installed, the first reflective kit.  There is a reason it looks so good, it's because it's so expensive.  Whatever kit you are considering in regular vinyl, double it for reflective, well almost.  The film is engineering grade reflective and is the same film used on ambulances and fire trucks. .  We finished the install before dusk and Adam had to leave, so he sent me a CD of the pics that were taken at night.  If you want this, you have to email me.

The side flag graphics were added later, and I shot the pictures at night with a long exposure, so I apologize for the blur on some of them.  Too much coffee and no tripod.  The last two pics Adam sent of same daytime side graphic shots. The sideflags, both reflective and regular, are available here.

If you want to buy any accessories you see on Adam's car, go to his website and ask him directly.  Please tell him I you saw him on 3rdgendecals.com so he realizes what a bonus it is to be on this website.  Here is his link