There are three ways to do Camaro side flags.

First you can get printed copy. This means the word 'CAMARO' is printed in the same color as the shadow bands, black in the case of light colored vinyls like silver, gold, white, hugger orange, etc.

Secondly you can get cut copy, which means the paint of your car shows through for letters. This is what you do when you're getting black for your pewter car, so your lettering ends up pewter instead of white. Unless you want white, which is still fine.

Thirdly you can omit the copy altogether.

These fit all 93-02, SS and Z28 alike. The reflective ones are $125 and the regular ones are $75, both prices include shipping. Click on cars to see more pics.



Side Flag Graphics for 93-02 Camaros


Copy Style



Reflective Side Flag Graphics for 93-02 Camaros

(Reflective Material is engineering grade with 7yr exterior durability)


Copy Style