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Kit prices vary for the car you are doing.  It's $175 for the high spoiler and $150 for the low one.  Money received by Sunday afternoon (Indiana time) is put in for that Monday's production, which ships on Wednesday. Orders go out via USPS Priority Mail, which mean you receive them the following Friday or Saturday depending on your location. Some weeks get crazy, so don't plan your install with some professional for that weekend, because you might end up getting it on Monday or Tuesday and I hate to be the bad guy.  

Click for a description of materials used in the kit.

Each TA/Firebird kit gets a front license plate bird, rear valance panel "PONTIAC" letter inserts, "Trans Am" door overlays, a few firechickens and new "Ram Air" decals for the WS6 models.

Every kit also gets a squeegee and an email with the full color instructions entitled "Automotive Decal Application for the Complete Idiot".  Whether or not that is true is something history will have to decide.