Pictures courtesy of Dave J.

These kits are the cousin of the 97 anniversary kit. I have sold a few "Berger" kits but have not received pics back on them yet. (You know who you are.)

These kits are cut about an inch too long, so you trim it back by the windshield after install to leave about a quarter inch flap, which gets wrapped around the backside of the hood. It makes a very tidy look and allow greater flexibility in the overall placement.

Working on a compound curve like the scoop hump makes this kit a little more difficult to install than the 35th anniversary kit. If you are not comfortable with it, you should consider hiring it out to a local sign shop that specializes in vehicle graphics. Feel free to print pics out of any kit on the site and take it in for an installation quote.

Also there is a more dramatic rear end available than the usual 97 anniversary one. It uses more material and costs an extra $25, but has tabs that poke out from under the spoiler fangs just like the 35th anniversary's rear end does. In fact it is the very same shape without the checkers. (A picture of it is the last one on this page.) You must email me if you want that special rear end because it's not currently available on the shopping cart.