This is Cesar's Gorgeous 98 SS.

(Even gorgeouser with those decals...)

This is the first 98+ I ever made. The only difference in the newer kits is that the split that goes on the line between scoop and spoiler now follows it better. The 97 style kit (from which the shapes were originally derived) goes straight back when plugging into the windshield. These kits now curve (on the 98-02 version) to follow the hump more closely. This is evidenced on the other cars of this kit style on this website. (okay not the red one, give me a break.)

The 'factory' kit doesn't have any graphics under the spoiler, but I have an optional rear end that does for an extra $25. I don't have any pics back of the convertible incarnation, but showed it on a coupe at the bottom of this page. If you want that rear instead, I will send you a custom paypal request, so email me.