Reproduction Anniversary Kits

Well your choices are 1992, 1997, 1997 SS and 2002 SS. The 2002 35th LE stripes are not exact copies, so if you own a 35th anniversary and want to get a single replacement piece for a factory kit, I'm sorry but you'll have to go pay the dealer. The 92 and both 97 kits are exact reproductions though. The 97 style kit is also available for the 98-02 so it is listed on this page even though it's not truly an 'anniversary' kit. You can put the 2002 35th LE kit on any camaro 93-02, just warn me if your car is pre '98 so I get you the proper scoop insert. --Jay

Shipments go out via USPS Priority Mail every Wednesday for orders paid by Sunday.  They say 2-3 days and have consistently been on time. 

Click on the order button for more details, including a description of materials used in the kit.