This is the 30th anniversary kit reworked to fit the lines of the quad light SS hood, 98-02.

I have done a few Berger style graphics as well, though the installation is an order of magnitude more difficult because there is not a void running around the base of the scoop - it's all one solid piece and the compound curve of the scoop is difficult to wrap without a wrinkle. This is why I don't like selling Berger style graphics, because your disappointment works against both of us. That said, I'll do it if you ask.

I offer a more dramatic rear end than the usual 97 anniversary one, which only goes from the hatch glass to the leading edge of the spoiler. This alternate rear end (the Sprewell rear end) uses more material and costs an extra $25, but runs completely under the spoiler fangs just like the 35th anniversary's rear end does.(A picture of it is the last one on this page.)

You must email me if you want that upgraded rear end because it's not currently available on the shopping cart.